10 World’s Most Dangerous Countries, Global Peace Index Reports


Every year, Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) publishes Global Peace Index (GPI) to judge peacefulness of the world countries.
Every country is awarded points for a set of indicators (war, international relations, homicide, terrorist activity, political instability…etc), the higher the points, the safer the country.

Whether it is for tourism or any other purpose like journalism or business, as a traveler, you will require travel insurance to cover you for medical expenses, baggage, or even in case of war, terrorism and kidnap.

However, traveling to dangerous countries that have a higher risk of terrorism, war, conflicts, or instability, requires international health travel insurance that is more than a standard travel policy.

#10 – North Korea

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North Korea has one of the worst human right violation records, its people don’t even have access to basic human necessities, while the country’s government promptly detains and tortures any citizen who opposes the viewpoint of the supreme leader.

The state’s economy is vulnerable, due to heavy militarization and war with South Korea. As there are also so many political deaths, executions and a terrible lack of infrastructure and food.

In case your trip includes this country, seek an international health travel insurance that offers war cover and emergency medical costs related to an attack.

#9 – Pakistan

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-1A country that’s founded entirely based on religion is eventually a safe haven for extremists, who sometimes work along with ISIS against other countries like India, Afghanistan, and Iran.

The 3 wars that Pakistan fought with India had weakened the country’s economy, also its military rule and political instability made the situation even worse. Pakistan endures poverty, illiteracy, inequality, corruption, extremism and terrorism.

It is crucial for travelers heading to Pakistan to purchase international travel health insurance and compare insurance companies to choose the one that can provide terrorism cover.
At present, it is the most affected country by terrorism in the world, by around 1500 terror attacks every year.

#8 – Democratic Republic of Congo

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-2Congo is in a constant civil war since 1997, following the displacement of an autocratic regime, which all resulted in loads of unsanitary living conditions, as well as malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea and malnutrition.

Over 5.5 million people died due to the whole situation of the country, and probably half of the victims are children under 5 years old. Congo is among countries with the lowest human development score and lowest ranking.

Too many reasons for a travel insurance purchase, in case you must fly to this country. The chosen travel insurance for traveling abroad should be able to offer medical evacuation and hospitalization cover.

#7 – Central African Republic

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-3Central African Republic has been under military rule since its independence from France, in 1960. Both the government and religion extremists are fighting over the control of the country, and the unceasing armed conflict resulted in so many deaths and displacement of huge numbers of citizens.

Being a neighbor of Sudan and South Sudan also influence the country’s terrible situation. In addition to governmental abuse, poor human rights, and violence against women and children.
Regarding the horrible situation, traveling to this country requires an international travel insurance with a suitable policy. The central African Republic has become on the radar of several human rights organizations.

#6 – Sudan

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-4Sudan, along with South Sudan, basically endure the same set of problems and requires travelers to this area even more to purchase a health travel insurance. A permanent ethnic violence, tribal conflicts, and two civil wars have divided the country into different sectors, which created South Sudan.

The constitution and law structure are poorly based on religion, which made the country vulnerable toward extremism. Also, the high levels of poverty and slavery, ethnic cleansing, human rights violation and poor living conditions are still holding the country down.

#5 – Somalia

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-5Somalia is a country without government, which makes it a perfect land for radical groups. It is in civil war since 1991, as one of the most durable civil wars in the world. This war pushed down the country into extreme poverty, and is responsible for hundreds of thousands of victims, violating many basic human rights and international laws.

The timely international intervention made it even worse, along with the wrecked economy, water crisis and famine. Somalia is among the 5 most dangerous countries in the world, and you should, as a traveler, make sure that you purchase the best travel insurance for international travel.

#4 – Iraq

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-6The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 is the primary cause behind the country’s troubled situation. The United States militarily intervened to stop Saddam Hussein from building chemical and nuclear weapons, which was later proved wrong, so that the US then tried to fix the situation through installing a pro-USA government, but only made it worse.

At present, the major problem in Iraq is ISIS, that’s taking control of many important cities and several oil fields. The country is now divided into 3 controlling powers, ISIS, Kurd forces and the Iraqi government, which resulted in mass killings, war crimes by the military forces and rebel groups.

Traveling to Iraq is dangerous enough that most travel insurance companies will decline to insure you. However, there are some companies that offer war and terrorism cover.

#3 – South Sudan

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-7In 2011, Sudan was divided into two countries, South Sudan and Republic of Sudan. This northeast African state is in a civil war between many tribes over power, since its independence. The continuous conflict and ethnic violence resulted in hundreds of thousands or even millions of deaths.

South Sudan also has one of the most terrible health conditions, including HIV and widespread malaria, making the situation even worse. All of this is alarming for visitors to this country to get the best international health travel insurance company, including war and conflict zones cover.

#2 – Afghanistan

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-8The main reason behind Afghanistan being among the most dangerous countries, is the long-lasting foreign occupation. This country has been under the US soldiers’ control since 2001, added to previous occupations, resulted in a destruction of most is the infrastructure.

If you are a journalist or must visit this country for any necessary purpose, you should better have a health travel insurance with a company offering war and terrorism cover.

Thousands and thousands of deaths are counted every year due to the ongoing war, that has also broken the country’s economy, made it vulnerable toward extremism and led to high rates of unemployment.

#1- Syria

10-world’s-most-dangerous-countries-global-peace-index-reports-9Syria is the world’s most dangerous country, mainly because of the civil war between the government of the dictator Bashar al-Assad and multiple rebel groups. Without a second thought, travelers to Syria shouldn’t leave their country without a very good international health travel insurance that especially provides terrorism cover.

Syria’s government basically has little to no support to the majority of citizens, due to religion divisions, which empowered a nationwide protest and armed conflict. The political mess led to the creation of many rebellion groups which created more groups and gave chance to ISIS to form a parallel government in multiple areas, and it just keeps on getting worse.

The estimated number of deaths caused by this unfinished conflict is around 200,000 not counting the millions of victims injured.

The tough daily life of the citizens of all these most dangerous countries is deeply heartbreaking. We pray and hope that the situation will be improved and peace restored as soon as possible.



  1. Thanks a lot. Very very informative indeed. Crystal clear comments and warnings which should make everyone think a thousand times before going to any of the above mentioned dangerous countries. No way shall I even contemplate of going there. ahahahahahahahah I rather die peacefully in London UK. Thank you .

  2. Stay out of South Africa, you get tortured, raped, murderd just because you are white. Children as young as 2 and 3 brutally murderd after raped, women as old as 60 and up, raped and murderd. Welcome to South Africa, here you will get raped or tortured. If you are lucky they will just kill you.

    • Stop spreading racist bull****! Yes our murder rate is high, but a lot more black people are murdered than white. And there is a lot of places you can go where it is still quite safe. Don’t hang around in dodgy areas, like you would in any place on earth!

      • Oh my God, what a lot of cockcables using the word “Racism” ! Whooooooooaaaahhhhhh, what racism is there in these mentioned heinous evil places on earth ? There are no racism there at all silly moo ! Wake up ! Tthey are simply dumbfuck idiot stupid dimwit people. That is all ! ahahahahah hohohohohohohoh bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !

    • I’m white, have been living in Johannesburg for more than 10 years (yes, I did this INSANE thing and chose South Africa over Europe) and nothing happened to me in these 10 years. No rape. No murder. No robbery. My car did not get hijacked or even stolen. And I travel a lot within Soiuth Africa. SA is not a safe country, but nowhere near to what you are saying Elize.

      • Then count yourself one of the lucky few.
        Daily, hourly minute by minute there are murder, rapes, abduction of children and adults who are never found and if by some miracle they are found they are brutalised, raped and usually left for dead. SA is becoming a stinking hole. It’s not getting any better with the influx of illegals and the astronomical birth rate of the black population just adding to vastly overpopulated areas that are fast becoming the norm in SA.
        And don’t try to liken it to other countries, SA is unique in its diverse culture beit Bantu or other black ethnic groups they rule and are making one filthy hovel of SA

    • What the f*** are you talking about???I was born and bread in South Africa..why you spreading such deceit about my country..where are statistics to back the bullshit noooòoo the crap you talking about.

      What white person ever endured this…..you are just a racist bigot…living in privilege.

      Why have we never heard of 2 year old white kids getting killed or old white women getting raped.

      Like wtf Elize…like seriously…why aren’t you telling these people about the level of Racism in the country…racism that you and your ancestors inflicted upon us,.

    • Elize Annandal 1if you are South African shame on you ,our country is not that bad ,and it is a reflection on who you are . 2 if you not one who gives you the right to say that about MY country the different with this country and others is that we don’t hide our shame and pretend we a country that crime free anyway half of the crime here is done by ppl from other countries.

    • Been in the south of JHB 48 years and granted it has problems but not near as bad as you say. Murder rape child related crimes yes but america has the exact same problems so why nit pik on South Africa.

      • Really?!?!?!……Go to Johannesburg at 2am, step out of your car at a 4 Way stop intersection and see how fast they take all of your belongings, your car, and put a bullet in your head. Yeah there’s parts of the USA that this can happen but 80% of the USA is concealed carry. You don’t have no gun rights in Africa my friend. You have no rights!!!!!!!….Like the gun man would say to you before he shot you….”You’re not in America anymore white boy”

  3. Yes

    Coz those countries have oil and resources thats being exploite by the powers that be…if the didnt have oil they would be in peace…. somalia is strategically place for the powers to enter the middle east
    Unless the greed of the West stops then only will there be peace.

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  5. Pakistan is one of most beautiful country specially historical places and heaghtest peaks and most important people so caring. Natural beauty attract many western people this is all propaganda sad all western game .

    • Exactly…. Western propaganda…
      It is a beautiful country which has dealt with extreme terrorism after 9/11 because its the only country that fought against terrorism and sided with the West to help them in tgeir so called fight against terrorism

    • So true kausar its all propaganda i returned from Uk last year and been living in Pakistan for 18 months not didnt face a single issue its all safe and the life is going on as normal here how come 1500 terrrorist attacks,all lie hardly 4,5 attack in last 3 months,i would say 10 to 15 terrorist attacks in a year ,country is going up and getting developed in collaboration with China,how come Palestine,Burma,haiti,venezuela,colombia and south africa not there which are way more dangerous countries than Pakistan

  6. Sad to read Elite comments
    South Africa is not without its challenges but with a continual increase in overseas tourism, they must be doing something right

  7. For your information, millions visit South Africa yearly without being raped or murdered. South Africais is one of most beautiful countries with humble and loving people. What country in the world doesn’t have crime?

  8. Why have some comments included South Africa? South Africa not listed. I honeymooned there and it was one of the most delightful places I have ever visited and the people very friendly.

  9. YOU ARE 1000% WRONG about Syria. You have allowed yrself EITHER to be brainwashed OR you are brainwashing people. ISIS, the core of the conflict was created by the USA. If you don’t already know that, better educate yrself. IT IS A VICIOUS CRIME TO LEAD PEOPLE ASTRAY BY GIVING THEM WRONG INFORMATION.

  10. Not true all you guys. We stay in South Africa and NO more violence than anywhere else. Dont believe everything you read and hear. Do yourself a favour and come visit us in the Western Cape. Our town is fairly big, just got city status. I am 55 year old white woman and go for my walk in summer at 10pm. Kind regards. Penny

  11. Not very revealing. Anyone in their right minds that would travel to one of those “Garden spots” would deserve the problems they would encounter.

  12. The people that made this list forgot to put Israel, where you need a bullet proof to walk the streets… But they didn’t mentioned this because the Jews’ goberment spent a lot of money buying arms to fight for religion reason. Please don’t talk about South Africa, unless we can drive, walk or ride bycicles without fear to get reach by a bomb

  13. South Africa is still a beautiful country, even with it’s problems. What country in the world doesn’t have it’s problems? The people of South Arica of all races are compassionate and caring.

  14. Why Myanmar is not in this list. Now you can see every there are lot of rapes and killing women and children every where the country. Which crowned peace leader Aung sung Monkey.

  15. Beautiful country but with a lot of evil people! Apartheid left a lasting mark of violence. Will never i myself visit this evil society dwelling country.

  16. India is far more dangerous country in the world, every day around 840 women are raped or harrassed in India. Extortion and kidnapping is common, killing Muslims, christian nad sikhs due to their religion is common, getting anyone killed by paying a killer is easy. There are Three strong movements for freedom and sepration from India in Punjab Khalistan movement, Nexelite in Asam and Kashmir where more 7hundred thousand soldier are deployed to control freedom fighters. Just do a little research crime rate in India is higher than any of these 10 countries listed here.

  17. ML Albert is totally wrong in his narrative about Pakistan, seems to be a harbinger of Indian lobby against pakistan, Pakistan is the country which has suffered a lot of death tolls in its fight against terrorism, billions of dollars financial losses are another jeopardising fact but still a lot of people around the world recognise this socio cultural rich country emerging as the new economy of the future world. ISIS has nothing to do with pakistan, in fact everyone now knows who created ISIS and which agents are actually running this menace in the world. Mr Albert ! It’s a mere concocted rating scheme without any ground reality just to mislead the innocent people at social media. First visit pakistan and meet pakistanis , you would definitely be inclined to give another review against the rating.

  18. Pakistan is more safer place than India. It is not as depicted or described by partial and prejudiced media run by international mafia. Hypocricy is the order of the day. If you visit the northern areas of pakistan you would certainly come to know that how beautiful heaven would be. Pak Army and its people have decited to uproot the terrorists and terrorism planted by its enemies and enemies of the peace. Dont worry now we are doing “do more” for us with our own resources soon the whole world will see the filthy plans against pak peace will be shattered. INSHAALLAH

  19. Pakistan is far more safe as compared to most countries even, some areas of New York are still thought to be dangerous especially at night. India is the rape capital of the world . We are a country of about 210 million people. The only bad thing here are the corrupt and ugly politicians. And the rest is only beauty here

  20. Why ppl not talking about the US? This is one of the crime infested country that is hiding beyond the scene. Murders, rape, gun violence, everywhere. No one talk about it. People die here a day more than Somalia or Sudan. Police brutality, racism , hate crimes and many other. People are slaughter here and the world don’t see it. Why is Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Congo DRC, Iraq, Aganistan, and the rest of the ten not safe? It is simply because they have tons of mineral resources. The imperialist, Colonial or Grand West masters maintained an unsafe atmospheric condition where their is wars, genocides, tribal or ethnic cleansing, spreading of viruses and diseases in these countries to steal or take the resources. They are on safe so the West can be safe with a beautiful and cherishing economics. Stop fooling people with stuff like this Criminal World power.

  21. Atilo ….
    Sudan was being exploited by Muslim arabs buying their government … Somalia is a cesspool …. Pakistan is what it has always been, a sick cultist government … Congo is congos own greed and a special sort of insanity… Iran and Iraq have been a tool of the West as you claim … one thing is absolutely certain … MOST of those countries are in the mess they are in due to one reason… they are perverted by the pillars of radical Islam.