The 10 Hidden Places with Restricted Access in The World



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There are plenty of places you go and see freely as a lay visitor or tourist. However, there are others with restricted access; only a few people have the green card to walk into these hidden places. Some of them would add a unique flavor to your tour, especially in a new country you have never been to.


#1 – Room 39

1-room-39©Urban Ghosts Media

Benefiting from interesting tours in South Korea is certainly a plus for you, especially if you are having your first visit to the country. You can walk through the ancient residences of past emperors who proudly ruled this country.

Right next to South Korea, there you find North Korea; they both used to be one, but war and interests, unfortunately, separated them. North Korea receives regardless of everything multiple visitors per year.

The country includes one of the top-secret organizations nationwide which is called Room 39. It came into prominence in North Korea in 1970. Speculations unveil that the organization is in charge of executing the government’s illegal operations.

Other assumptions reveal the organization hosts foreign currency exchange and weapons selling deals. In fact, nobody knows for sure where Room 39 is located.

#2 – Coca-Cola Recipe Vault


The tastiest drink in the world which went viral and gained an international reputation is Coca Cola. You can buy coca cola from any part of the world, in the sense that it became almost like an international currency.

Either it is the new diet cola or the usual one, its recipe is still unknown. This is the case since Cola made its first emergence. It is said that the genuine recipe is kept locked in a special vault. No one has ever accessed it except the company’s management.

But it is claimed the company’s managers are the ones who learnt the recipe by heart, whereas the vault is a mere decoration. There are stories which claim that the recipe was revealed to the public in 1979, but the only way to verify its originality is by accessing the secret safe.

#3 – Bohemian Grove


California is the land of dreams where backpackers and world travel lovers adore spending few days off in its luxury vacation rentals. You can find yourself cheap business flights to enjoy an unforgettable tour in Hollywood, Disney Park and San Francisco.

Active vacation packages will guarantee you the best family holiday on California’s golden sandy beaches. In California exists also the famous and mysterious elite club ‘The Bohemian Grove’. It is believed that the club is situated in the old relic forest of the state.

The club hosts an annual gathering of the most influential international figures, including American presidents, since 1899. The club’s members can grant invitations to people from all parts of the world, but only if they affix their signatures on a nondisclosure document.

The club holds a motto which states clearly ‘weaving spiders come not here’. This means that business matters should not be discussed in this elite club. But, ironically, it is said that the place witnessed in 1942 the signing of Manhattan Project regarding the creation of an atomic bomb.

#4 – White Gentlemen’s Club

4-white-gentlemens-club©Gentleman’s Journal

England! The place where history is embodied in every spot and corner of its streets. Wars, conflicts, crowning ceremonies, and royal weddings took place in this beautiful country. You can buy an air ticket to set about an English-flavored trip to this gorgeous place.

England has got, however, its share of secrets in the sense it hosts the popular White Gentlemen’s Club since its foundation in 1693. The most known thing about this club is the possession of a record book called ‘the betting book’ which records the oddest bets ever.

One of these bets is a 3,000£-bet regarding whether a raindrop can reach the bottom of a given window faster. This is the strangest you will probably ever hear. For the record, ladies are not allowed in. The rule says that the mere constituents of the club are exclusively male politicians, artists, and athletes.

#5 – Ise Grand Shrine

5-ise-grand-shrine©GaijinPot Blog

Back to Asia! The history of Asian countries is among the most interesting records for chroniclers, historians, and archaeologists. Japan was ruled by several emperors and empresses over the past few years, still so. This developed Asian country, which is an archipelago, grabs the attention of million visitors yearly.

Japan is famous for its Ise Grand Shrine. The shrine is the place used to store many of the national antiquities and treasures. The most popular piece of all the kept antiquities is the Mirror of Amaterasu-Yata no Kagami.

In accordance with Shinto traditions, the temple is supposed to be demolished and reconstructed almost every 20 years. The royal members of the imperial family and priests read the only ones permitted to access the site.

#6 – Metro 2


If you are a veteran, you can benefit from veteran discount flights to tour the world, maybe land in Russia. You can get the best-guided tours throughout St Petersburg, Russian. You can go to any other city and enjoy a splendid snowboarding experience on the Siberian snow-capped hills and mountains.

The white majestic color will blow your mind, especially in winter. Just make sure you pack your Adidas snowboarding shoes in your travel suitcase. Moreover, Russia is believed to have a secret underground railway called Metro 2.

The line is situated at a 689 feet-depth under Moscow. During the ruling of Stalin, the tunnel was constructed to link strategic assets like the airport and the Kremlin. You need to have a government pass to access the place.

#7 – Mormon Vault

7-mormon-vault©Mormon Newsroom

This is one of the securest vaults which is located inside the Granite Mountain near Salt Lake City in Utah. It is believed that the vault is situated 700-feet under a solid mountain of granite stone. The entrance doors weigh about 9-14 tons.

It is claimed they could resist a nuclear blast. Using such heavy gates is surely an indicator that whatever is inside must remain inside. The security measures include also using guards to secure the territory.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints keeps inside highly classified documents, family history records, confidential scriptures, financial records, and backup tapes. The vault contains a 40,000 microfilm-library as well. The public knows only a few things that are hidden inside.

#8 – Vatican Secret Archives


The Vatican is a city-state in Rome in Italy which was established in 1929. It is originally ruled by the pope who is according to religious beliefs the bishop of Rome. He is also the chief of the Catholic Church. The Vatican contains most mysterious archives that only the Pope and the highly-ranked servants of the church can access.

The racks of the archive reach 39.8 miles and include millions of confidential documents. There are texts which are so archaic to the extent of being 1,200 years old.

To see at close range the marvelous stored artifacts, you need to be scientifically qualified, meaning to prove your professional potentials through a scientific work of your own. Scientists are permitted to use a document after they fill in a request with all the necessary details and information.

#9 – Disneyland Club –Club 33


In 1967, Walt Disney patronized the construction of the famous Disney Club or Club 33. The queer appellation is said to be related to the address where the club is located. Others claim it is due to the 33 sponsors who were with Disney when he launched the building of the club.

It is a private club, accessed only by the 33 members plus potential guests of their own. The club hosts the most remarkable businessmen, politicians, and celebrities who have all green passes to different parts of Disney Club.

Once it was open in late of the 60s, 33 influential international representatives of gigantic corporations were granted membership. Anyone thinking of joining the club must pay about 30,000$ plus a 14-year-stand in line’.

#10 – Secret Island: The Island of Niihau

10-secret-island-the-island-of-niihau©The Cheat Sheet

Historically and locally speaking, it is called the ‘Forbidden Island’ located in Hawaii. The island was an owned property and land by a family for almost 150 years. The Sinclair family bought the island in the 1860s.

At the time, the residents of the island were exclusively the ones allowed to stay, whereas outsiders were not even allowed to approach the island; even if it was someone from another Hawaiian island. It is the same case today with the Robinsons, descendants of the Sinclairs, who can, in addition to other guests, access and live on the island.

Under the condition of preserving the island’s culture and the Hawaiian langue, King Kamehameha the fifth sold the island to the Sinclairs back in 1864. In fact, the king died a year before signing the contract which was managed by his brother.

Some of these places are creepy and scary to even think of their existence, whereas others seem to be approachable and seen afar. Some of them are boxes and safes of dark secrets, while others are shields to protect the privacy of given parties.

Unfortunately, few of them were accessed by a restricted number of people under certain conditions. If there are any further places we did not mention, feel free to add and tell us about them in a comment.

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