Here Are Some Travel Rights You Probably Ignore!



Plane trips became ordinary. The FAA’ Traffic Organization alone is responsible for the safety and efficiency of over 40,000 flights, for a combined total of 2.7 million airline passengers. This is a big number, considering FAA data only covers the United States.

Evidently, with such amount of daily flights, the problem may arise: from overbooked flights to delays or even cancellations. In case one of these problems affect you, are you aware of your rights?

A study conducted by AirHelp, a passenger rights advocacy site, shows that 81% of airline passengers don’t know their air travel rights.

Even though there has been an improvement in these results in comparison to the prior year (when a similar study indicated that 92% of American passengers were not aware of their air travel rights), the outcome is still worrying, especially considering the fact that most of the time airlines (who should be the first ones to clarify these issues), try to take advantage of passenger’s unawareness.

In this article, we’ll tell you about your rights in 4 different common situations, so that next time you go through them, you’ll know exactly what to do.