Here Are 10 Of The Greenest Places Internationally


Our dreams become bigger and bigger as we grow old. When we were kids, all that we dreamt of was a quick car ride with our dads. At the time, these cars were rockets to us. We never thought of experiencing air travel, so we were satisfied with family road trips.

Now that we are old, our dreams got also ‘old’. We now dream of engaging in new cultural experiences, scouting different cities and seeing the whole world at close range. Our journey of dreams never ends.

As adults, all we want is one of those peaceful vacations in a remote destination, away from all the life means of distractions, spent in luxury vacation rentals; in a place where you can taste real adventure travel experience.

Don’t you think that these places need our care and attention instead of going there and polluting them? Mother earth is in pain but in silence. We are the ones that are destroying the last signs of life on earth.

Ironically, we complain about global warming and climate change. We don’t need a course entitled ‘introduction to modern climate change’ to tell how serious the issue is.

It is quite enough to look around us and understand that taking climate action is needed more than ever. There are cities and places regarded as the greenest spaces on earth. They deserve to be visited and seen.


#1 – Bogota


This is qualified geographically as the biggest city in South America. If you ask any Colombian about the largest city in the country, he will likely respond by Bogota.

It is seen also as the greenest city internationally thanks to the green modifications to which the field of transportation was subject plus the prevalence of green spaces. This is a place that deserves to book your flight for.

Over 8 million people live in the city in peace. In fact, travel booking websites might unveil some of the good promo flights, but they never tell you about the big green changes the city witnessed.

This can encourage you to visit it though. The city has got a green bus system, green spaces almost everywhere; bus stops and bikes lanes included. On every 1st February, the city celebrates the zero-day car.

#2 – San Francisco


There is no more beautiful place in the US than San Francisco. It is the dream-city of many travelers. The slightest things they can do around the city can be wonderful experiences for them to add to their travel journal.

If you find any active vacation packages to get to this beautiful city, then go for it; you will have no regrets. The city has got a big green plan to fight against the pollution of co2 and global warming.

It has opted back in 2007 for sustainable products or green products. It, at the time, banned the use of plastic bags. Solar energy, as a recycling equipment method, is used a lot around the city. Almost 77% of waste is being recycled in Sand Francisco to decrease the big amounts of waste.

#3 – Oslo


The Scandinavian folks are always impressive. They always come up with unique ideas. In an endeavor to offer its residents a healthy lifestyle, Olso tries to present a green system of running everything around the city.

At the level of the European region, Oslo is the one that produces less waste and emits less carbon. Unfortunately, there is no room for anything called ‘low prices’ in the city. Living in such a city costs a lot.

The heating and energy systems, buses and recycling pumps are all aspects of the green program of Oslo. About 140 buses function thanks to biofuel. The residents of the city are also aware of the need for green life, so they support their city’s goals.

#4 – Stockholm

4-stockholm©Culture Trip

This is another city in the north of Europe, that we don’t hear much about. It is one of the Scandinavian paradises and land of peaceful people. Back in 2010, it was awarded as the Green Capital of the World.

The city exerted since then more efforts to build a greener system of living. It reduced gas emission, purified rainwater for reuse, and based transportation on the use of biofuel. About 40% of Sweden’s capital is covered with amazing green spaces.

The city has even more ambitious green future plans to implement. But so far, it has achieved so much already. The carbon emissions don’t exceed 3.4 tons, in comparison with the 10 tons emitted by other European counterparts.

#5 – Curitiba


Brazil! How much do you really know about this beautiful South American country? Seemingly, there are great offers deals of low-cost airline tickets to enjoy your next vacation there.

You could start by visiting Curitiba. It is estimated that 1.5 million people live in the city. It began its first green step in the 1990s. The city is planning to carry out more of its sustainable and recycling programs.

According to the figures included in specialized reports, about 77% of waste is recycled in Curitiba. On the sides of the highways, the whole country introduced an initiative of planting about 1.5 million trees. The ambition of the green city, Curitiba, is still growing with new green plans implemented every now and then.

#6 – Malmo


It seems that Sweden has got a lot to say when it comes to green living. Malmo is another city in the country which is classified as a green city. Almost everything around the city functions in accordance with green standards.

The electric system around the city runs on hydropower, not to mention that the buildings around have got installed solar thermal systems. Many people in the city head to their work on their bikes.

If you like wandering around on a bike, then Malmo is the best place to do this. The main sources of energy in many parts of the city are water, sun, and wind. The organic waste is used as the biofuel of the other means of transportation used, in addition to bikes.

#7 – Vancouver


Maybe, it is time to dig for super cheap plane tickets and get your bags packed to head to Canada, Vancouver to be more precise. This city is a genuine source of inspiration.

Its plans are basically built on using green construction materials and low flow water devices in any future constructing plans. It dreams of a day when technology will be used in reducing carbon usage and become a carbon-neutral city.

The transportation field has its share of green plans. The focus will be laid on more usage of solar, wind, and water power instead of fossil fuel. Hydroelectric power is regarded as the source of used electricity in the city. Vancouver plans to be the Greenest City of the world by 2020.

#8 – Portland


Few miles away from Vancouver in Canada, you can find Portland in the US. This is the second American greenest city around the world. It is among the first cities to ban the use of plastic bags. The aim is living in a waste-free city.

Portland is characterized by having around 250 miles of bikeways. It makes use of 33% of renewable energy sources. The residents of the city are also supportive of their home city’s green plans.

They engage in learning activities on how to grow their veggies, have their own gardens, and many more green activities. Portland is a super clean city when comparing it to other cities in the US.

#9 – Reykjavik

9-reykjavik©Extreme Iceland

Back to the north polar again! Iceland is one of the countries known for its mesmerizing natural beauty. Hence, it is the perfect spot to release the spark of green changes. You don’t need an air pollution monitor or a water one to unveil the amount of danger the north polar is exposed to.

Right in Iceland, you can find another green city: Reykjavik. The country’s capital has got geothermal heating systems, estimated to be the largest ones. The main sources of energy around the city are purely natural.

The energy is taken from geysers, waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes. They all serve as excellent replacements for fossil fuel. Besides, they are quite cheap and 100% non-pollutant.

#10 – Copenhagen

10-copenhagen©Lonely Planet

To the land of the past Vikings and present happy people: Danemark. It is true though; the Danish people are the happiest people in the world given the good living conditions they have got.

The royal capital of the country Copenhagen, which is enlisted, along with other neighboring Scandinavian cities, is a green city. It started a unique initiative by promoting the use of bikes instead of cars. About 30% of the city’s population goes to work on bikes.

The secret that lies behind the success of Copenhagen’s initiatives is the collaboration of both citizens and the government. The country is one of the leading parties in changing the non-environmental policies and addressing the issue of climate change strongly and seriously.

It is worth it to conclude your flight reservation and give the city a visit next winter. You might be lucky if you manage to find good private guides who can help you tour the whole city. For your beloved ones, there are plenty of souvenirs to get for them.

Instead of visiting polluted cities, visit places which are becoming green policy icons to draw the world’s attention to their great achievements. Don’t expect your travel booking agent to let you know about such cities. You are supposed to dig for them if you are interested.

John W. Roper
John W. Roper is an experienced photographer, traveler, and writer with an immense desire to bring the fun and expertise to you from all the places he visits and travel troubles he experiences. John tells stories of adventures you'd like to have or that are totally worth having. He seeks to excite, educate, and above all, inspire you to “go out there and start living,” as he says.


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