This Is What Your TSA Security Is Not Telling You


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After the wake of 9/11, The Transportation Security Agency was created in an effort to strengthen and increase security at airports in order to avoid going through the same catastrophic event in the future.

But as passengers, we just hate to wait in line because the security checkpoint is endless due to many inexperienced travelers who make the process a little slower. But while you stand there complaining, the TSA security agents are not having much of a good time either.

They are overstressed, trying to stay focused all the time, and hoping they don’t make any mistake because the responsibility on their shoulders is heavy. After all, there is still a human hiding behind that strong shield that has a lot of things to say, but unable to. Do you want to get closer to a TSA security agent mind?

Here are some things he can’t tell you. Don’t forget to click on Next to read on