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The holiday season is a time for getting together with friends and family and sharing in different festivities. It is a chance, moreover, to exchange Christmas gifts and show your true sentiments to the people that you love. So, happy holidays!

However, there are some mistakes that people tend to make during the holidays and which they should stop making as soon as humanly possible because some of them create disasters. And since the holidays of 2019 have ended, why not make the next holidays better? So, be they the next September holidays, June holidays, or April holidays, make them unforgettable by avoiding the mistakes that will ruin them for you.

To draw your attention to these mistakes, we wrote this article. We advise you, then, to read it in its entirety and eventually avoid making these mistakes in the upcoming holidays — if you happen to make them, of course.

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During the holidays, you are bound to get invited to one of your friends’ place. The mistake, unfortunately, that most people seem to make a lot is arriving empty-handed to the party. That is an awful thing to do!

You should make sure, whenever you get invited somewhere, that you reciprocate the hospitality of the people inviting you with a gift showing them that you care and that you are grateful. Make sure to stop by a holiday shop and get a gift or a gift basket. Never show up empty-handed.

2. Forgetting to RSVP

As soon as you receive a holiday invitation, you need to make sure that you send a response, either confirming your presence or apologizing for not being able to make it—hence the RSVP.

During the holiday season of 2019, you’ll surely get multiple invites. Moreover, you will have certain preferences as to which gathering you would like to go to more than others.

So, in order to stand out among the people who have RSVPed, make sure that you send a holiday card as well. There are great custom holiday cards you can send out.

3. Forgetting a Thank You Note

Another mistake that people seem to make a lot during the holiday is forgetting or neglecting to send out a ‘Thank You’ note. During the holiday season, you could, for example, get invited to some nice and unforgettable holiday activities or receive some really flattering personalized gifts.

For that reason, it is important that you send ‘Thank You’ notes to the people who were nice enough to treat you to these nice things. Consider getting them custom holiday cards with a nice thank you message written over them.

4. Forgetting to Sign Holiday Cards

We know that it can be a bit hectic to prepare all these holiday cards and send them out; however, whatever you do, you should never forget to sign your name in all the holiday cards that you send out to people.

How else will the people addressed know that those holiday greeting cards are sent by you if you fail to sign your name on holiday greeting cards? We know that those Christmas lights can be distracting sometimes; however, do not allow them to distract you from signing your name on those nice minted holiday cards!

5. Forgetting to Include Batteries

Giving people electronic gifts has become a very common thing. It seems that people like to be given things that are technological in nature.

However, there is a common mistake that a lot of people seem to fall into every year — that of not including batteries with the gifts that need batteries to work.

Therefore, when you step into that holiday gift shop or if you are considering buying an electronic gift, make sure that you keep in mind the fact that you need to buy batteries as well. Also: buy extra batteries— it shows that you care!

6. Drinking Excessively

Getting lost in the moment and drinking too much seems to be a very common problem for people during the holidays. If you take the holiday calendar for 2019, you will find different opportunities to celebrate with friends and have a little too much to drink.

However, we urge you to drink in moderation. Also: if you could refrain altogether from drinking, then that would be better. That money would be better spent on holiday gift shops.

7. Showing Off

Everyone gets tempted to show off during the holidays; however, it is a mistake to do so. Parties are about the enjoyment of everyone involved and not just about your enjoyment.

Therefore, if you get the urge to gloat, resist it. Seize the opportunity to exchange nice holiday gifts and some meaningful “happy holidays” cards. Don’t be the despised person in the party thinking that he or she is better than everyone else and deserves to be a show-off!

8. Being a Downer

During the holidays, people gather around to feel happy and experience a few hours of upliftment. Therefore, it would be a mistake to act as a downer in these gatherings.

For one thing, it will show in those holiday photo cards. So, make sure that you stay positive and uplifted when you get invited to a party, or if you can’t, just make sure that you apologize for not being able to attend. Sending out a nice holiday card with your apology on it would be a good idea.

9. Giving Overpriced Gifts

It is the gesture that counts not the price tag that comes with the gift, so it is usually considered a mistake to buy a highly overpriced gift for someone.

For one, the person receiving the gift will feel embarrassed then guilty for not being able to give you a gift that is just as expensive as the one that you have given him or her. Holidays are usually about heartfelt gestures, so make sure that you keep that in mind when you are looking for Christmas gift ideas, for example.

10. Forgetting Yourself

When a handful of people gather around, there is usually a strong urge to gossip, share secrets, and utter slanderous statements. However, that is a huge mistake and you should not fall into the pit of such mistakes.

Therefore, look at the holiday calendar and make a mental reminder for yourself so that you don’t make this sort of mistake during the holiday. Instead, spend your mental energy shopping for holiday deals!

Yup, people make a lot of mistakes in the holidays. We hope that you are not prone to making any of these mistakes. If you are, however, make sure that you stay conscious of them and correct yourself whenever possible.

Before you go, tell us in the comments below if you ever committed any of the mistakes outlined in this article.


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