Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Ever Do at Airport Security!


Last Updated on January 17, 2020

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You have your travel itinerary and your travel insurance, and all you need is to go to the airport. However, what’s left is going through airport security, which is a crucial part of your travel experience through airports. This means that there are certain procedures that everyone needs to follow in order for everything to go smoothly.

Whether you are going through San Francisco Airport, Miami Airport, or Houston Airport, you have to have an experience with TSA agents. No one can escape TSA airport security these days. Therefore, in this article, we are going to tell you about the things that you should not do in order to speed-up the airport security wait-time, ensuring a smooth passing through TSA airport assessment.

Make sure to keep reading the article and learn everything about the proper airport etiquette, especially when going through airport security!

There is a strict rule concerning the amount of liquid that can be carried on a plane, especially in the carry-on bag.

Therefore, if you want to get the most out of your cheap flight and not experience the embarrassment of hindering the airport security queue because you exceeded the set amount of liquid, you need to make sure that the total amount of liquids that you have in your carryon bag does not surpass 3.4 ounces—that’s 100 milliliters in the metric system.

These are some strict TSA carry-on rules!

2. Leaving Liquids and Gels Deep inside the Carry-on

This tip is also closely related to the previous one.

When you pack your carry-on bag, you need to make sure that you put all the liquids on the top, so that they become very easy to access by TSA agents.

This is especially important if you happened to have packed more than the allowed amount stated earlier. The airport security scanner will definitely pick it up and you will end up increasing the airport security waiting time.

3. Forgetting to Have the Boarding Pass and ID Ready


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