7 Common Behaviors That Might Embarrass You Abroad


Last Updated on February 28, 2020

2. Bird-feeding in Singapore

In Singapore, it is illegal to feed the birds in some locations. This might sound weird, but there are good reasons for this law, namely the protection of public health. Birds carry diseases that spread potentially dangerous infections to humans such as salmonella, E. coli, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis, etc.

The fines for bird feeders can be extremely high. In 2018, a man was fined 1,500$ for five counts of pigeon feeding. To be fair, we did warn you that there are some weird laws around the world.

3. Waving as a form of greeting in Greece

If you usually wave your hand with the palm of your hand faced towards the person and your fingers well spread and you plan to visit Greece, be careful.

This gesture is very similar to the “moutza,” the most traditional gesture of insult among Greeks. It’s quite similar to giving someone the middle finger. The closer you do this to the other person, the worse.

In case you need to signal the number five with your hands in Greece, do it with the palm of your hand facing you. Believe us, this will prevent some misunderstandings.

4. Kissing in public in India

Public demonstrations of love such as hugging and kissing are unacceptable in some Indian locations and might even get you arrested for public obscenity.

The problem is that the Indian law is very vague in regard to what can be considered as an “obscene act,” so it can be misused by the police to harass people. To ensure your safety and that of your partner, it is best to limit the demonstrations of love in public.

Being accused of a crime while you’re out of your country can be very dangerous and get you into serious trouble.

5. Walking in the bike lanes in the Netherlands

Dutch people are very serious about their bicycles. After all, bikes are their primary means of transportation, and they can get very upset when they notice people walking in the overcrowded bike lanes. If you think about it, they are totally right. Wouldn’t you be angry if all of a sudden tourists started walking in the middle of the roads in your hometown? We bet you would. It is a very similar situation.


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