These Are the Top 10 Secrets You Need to Know about Water Parks!



A water park is something that is great to be in and experience. It gives you and your children immense pleasure that other activities simply cannot give.

Therefore, you make it an annual practice to take your children and go to all the water parks near you, be them water parks in Georgia, water parks in Houston, water parks in Michigan, or water parks in Miami.

Moreover, you make sure that you experience all the types of these watery establishments, such as indoor water parks. However, there are some things that you need to learn about these water parks, some secrets that have been kept secret for a long time now!

In this article, we are going to tell you, in detail, about the top 10 secrets that are related to those indoor water parks and those all-inclusive resorts with water parks. So keep reading until you finish the article!


#1 – Bacteria in the Water

Sometimes, you are better off with an inflatable water slide inside your house than with going to a huge water park, such as a Disney water park or the many water parks in Texas, because there is a lot of bacteria in that water and it is not something that you would want your kids to be exposed to.

Therefore, make sure that you are careful around these places and that you go only to those that do regular inspections and make sure that there is nothing dangerous in the water that is present in their parks.

#2 – Injuries

Injuries are very common in water parks, especially among children, who tend to be very eager to try everything and also tend to be very unretentive to the dangers that lurk in the very slippery places that they call water slides.

For this reason, it is important that you keep a close watch on your kids when you take them to an epic water park, such as indoor water park resorts or water park resorts in general!

#3 – More Dangerous Than Roller Coasters

People might think that roller coasters are very dangers, but no one ever considers that water parks might be a little more dangerous. The rate of injuries is very high in these resorts, higher than the injury rate that is associated with roller coasters.

Therefore, we need to be very careful when taking our kids to such places. Also, if you have children, it would be better if you took them to a nice, small, quiet water park.

They are not as fun as the other large and epic water parks, but they have fewer injury rates, making them better—that is to say, safer.

#4 – A Lot of Science Behind Them

Water parks are not easy to make. It took a lot of effort to bring them to the state in which they are right now, and that meant that a lot of science had to go into the realization of water parks.

Moreover, a computer program runs the whole thing, making sure that the visitors of those epic water parks, such as a Virginia water park or a water park in Miami, are safe at all times, thereby bringing down the rates of injury considerably.

#5 – The Father of Water Parks

There is one man recognized as being the person behind all the water parks that exist in the world today; he is labeled ‘the father of water parks’ and his name his George Millay. He was the first person to open a water park, which was situated in Orlando, Florida.

Therefore, if you are a water park enthusiast, make sure that you thank the guy for his efforts, which were directly responsible for giving us parks such as the Atlantis water park and the Pirates Bay water park.

#6 – This Is How Much Water Is Needed

Water parks need a lot of water to operate properly, and by a lot, we mean a lot! To put that in numbers, an ordinary water park needs at least 3.4 million liters to operate in its full capacity and accommodate all the people that want to have fun inside it.

Keep this in mind, therefore, next time you find yourself in one of those Florida resorts with water slides or those Palm Spring resorts with water slides.

#7 – Chlorine Gas

To disinfect the water from all kinds of germs, the people behind water parks use what is called Chlorin for that purpose.

Sometimes, however, the manner in which the chemical elements in the water mix together results in something called a chlorine gas cloud, which causes a lot of sickness among the people who visit water parks (when that cloud forms, of course).

Moreover, a lot of people get hospitalized because of this. Therefore, we urge you to stay alert for this type of event next time you and your kids find yourselves in a regular water park or even in an indoor water park.

#8 – Swim Diapers Are Not That Affective

Most swimming pools and water parks require parents who have little babies to put swim diapers on them. However, these things are not as effective as they may sound.

They could, theoretically, stop the germs that cause diarrhea from seeping into the water; however, they can only prevent that from happening for a short period of time.

Eventually, the germs do seep out into the water. Therefore, if you have little babies, make sure that they went to the bathroom before playing with them in that awesome water park or that great indoor water park.

#9 – The Contents of the Drains

The people responsible for emptying the drains will not tell you about what they normally find in there. The things that employees find in there are really disgusting. For example, they find fake nails, diapers, dead animals, such as birds and mice, dirty swim diapers and food trash.

This is found in all water parks all over the world, such as water parks in Dallas, water parks in Georgia, or water parks in Houston.

#10 – Other Bacteria

Bacteria such as E. Coli should be the least of your concern when you’re playing those water park games in an indoor water park. There could be far more dangerous bacteria in there.

For example, there was a case of primary amebic meningoencephalitis, which was caused by a rare type of bacteria that causes meningitis. Although this is rare, it is important that you stay alert whenever you take your kids to play some water balloon games or have the time of their lives in a huge inflatable water park.

So yeah! This has been the list of the top secrets that are related to water parks. Make sure that you keep them in mind for your next visit. Your knowledge of some of the information here necessitates that you take precautions when you take your kids to a water park; therefore, make sure that you do that!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about your experience with water parks.

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