This Is How You Can Use Google Flight To Save Money On Your Tickets!


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The Google Flights tool is a great tool for people who want to search for and find cheap flights and reasonably priced plane tickets. However, there are ways in which you need to use the service to yield the best results and find the cheap flight tickets that you are looking for.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some tips concerning the Google Flights search tool that will help you get the best results and save money very easily on some much-needed cheap plane tickets. This tool will help you lock down cheap plane tickets to Germany, plane tickets to Canada or even plane tickets to the Philippines.

Make sure, therefore, that you read all the tips in this article before you do a flight search on this tool. These tips and tricks are inclusive of most scenarios, meaning that all readers will benefit. They might even be able to find some cheap last-minute flights.


#1 – Use the Tips Section

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Google Flights will get data from more than 300 ticket providers and give you the best deal existing out there. However, it would be beneficial to head to the Tips Section inside the tool to learn more about the deal that you are getting.

This tool will give you various insights, such as the best day to buy plane tickets and whether the prices are likely to drop or not.

Therefore, when you are trying to find some cheap plane tickets to Europe, make sure that you head over to the Tips Section so that you can be more informed about every deal that you find on this amazing Google flight tracker.

#2 – Use the Explore Destinations Feature

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Another useful feature that you can make use inside the app the Explore Destination Feature. When you find yourself using Google Flights to find cheap plane tickets, make sure that check out this feature.

All you need to do is select the city from which you plan to depart, enter the length of the trip you plan to allocate for the proposed travel and let the feature suggest the cheapest options that you can have in the world. Being this flexible will allow you to lock down some great cheap round trip plane tickets.

#3 – Pick Flexible Dates

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Being flexible always pays off nicely. When you want to buy plane tickets, flight search engines, such as Google Flights, will yield the best results if you pick the route of flexible date flight search.

Not having fixed dates, widens the search, allowing you to truly find for you cheap flight tickets for your preferred destination. The results will be displayed in a price graph from which you can pick the cheapest date that suits you best.

Make sure, therefore, that you, whenever possible, conduct a flexible flight search. You will be more satisfied than if you conducted a normal flight search.

#4 – Experiment with the route


Not only does being flexible with the dates pay off, paying flexible and experimental with your route also pays off—very handsomely sometimes. To reach a specific destination sometimes, you need to go through transit in other airports. This is a necessary evil.

However, it does not have to be. The Airport feature inside Google Flights app will allow you to pick some airports that you really want to visit and explore. The Google flight search will be more rewarding this way. This is extremely helpful when you are conducting an international flight search.

#5 – Factor in the Bag Fees

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Bag fees are always a hassle and they are bound to make your flight a lot more expensive. Therefore, before you start your Google plane tickets search, make sure that you factor in the number of bags that you will be taking with you.

Doing this means that your flight ticket search will get you plane ticket prices that are inclusive of everything.

True, it is a tricky thing, this cheap flight search thing, but it is not impossible to find great results. Just make sure that you use a flight ticket search engine—in this case, Google Flights—in a productive way.

#6 – Set Alerts

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The Google Flight tracker or tool has the option of setting alerts. Therefore, if you are searching flight tickets by price—as everyone does—make sure that set alerts for when the prices will drop, thereby giving yourself the opportunity to get pretty great deals.

This is one of the best flight search strategies and you should definitely make use of it. Basically, all cheap flight search engines have such a feature. Therefore, whether you are using another tool or the Google Flights tool, you stand to gain a lot from using the Alerts feature.

Google cheap flights are not hard to come by. If you google plane tickets properly, you will end up with some very cheap options. Google Flights is a great flexible flight search tool and one of the best international flight search engines. Therefore, make sure that you use it!

Before you go, tell us in the comments below about the best cheap flight deals you got with Google Flights.

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