Last Updated on December 10, 2020

Most of them choose to make reports and deliver the abandoned items to the Lost and Found section or the respective Customer Service Center. What happens to forgotten items at hotels? In these departments, items are cataloged and kept for a certain period (usually 90 days) under the watchful eye of the security team – American hotels have a specific US state department for these situations so that there are no losses. After the deadline is over – each hotel is free to define the most appropriate policy – they can make use of forgotten items (such as phone chargers to make their guests’ lives easier) or donate them to charities. What Can People Do To Recover Lost Items? Whenever you find that you forgot a certain item in a hotel room, you should contact the respective hotel directly by phone or email asking for support and clarification. Hotels would be happy to help their customers recover their objects left behind, as this means a greater inducement in customer satisfaction and a greater likelihood of being recommended to other potential customers. This type of help and customer service is nowadays, especially with social networks, the best way for hotels to position themselves with their audiences and to have extraordinary publicity for their services – this is the greatest travel advice they receive. Most of the time, but only after being contacted by customers, the hotels consult the reports filled out by the hotel room cleaners to find the forgotten items and only then send them to their guests. Why Don’t Hotels Contact Guests? Hotels make a point of returning items that are left in the rooms to their guests, but never contact them without being contacted in the first place. And that happens for a very simple reason: privacy. The administrations of large hotels follow the philosophy that they know nothing about customers’ private lives, respect their anonymity. This is the main reason why hotels do not contact their guests. But when they are communicated to ask for help in this regard, the case completely changes, and every effort is made to help customers recover what is theirs. Now that you know that you are not the only person who forgets things in hotel rooms when checking out, keep in mind that you should be more attentive on your next trip!


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