10 Shocking Facts about Climate Change You Need to Know


Close your eyes and imagine: Swelling and Rising seas, raging fire, melting ice, high burning temperatures. The whole world is vanishing. The countries are drowning. You are fading. This is the end. Terror, as you have always pictured it to be.

Wake up now, the clock is ticking. Here today, gone tomorrow! Climate change or what we also refer to as global warming is increasingly a hot topic and humans’ biggest challenge and fear.

It’s true that climate has always changed and will always do. But in the past few decades, the change was stronger and faster than expected, leaving humans less able to adapt.

So, prepare to be amazed, shocked, and hopefully moved to help make the changes needed to slow down the alarming rate of global warming.

Here are 10 scientific facts you should definitely know about climate change before it’s too late. Don’t forget to click on ‘Next Page’!


  1. Trouble is they don’t address the one major fact of global warming and that is the overpopulation of earth. It seems that is a forbidden subject and until they do nothing will change.

    • Right on Glenn. And with over population comes more need for fuel, more need for food. Then more vehicles. It’s to late to do anything more then likely. Our grandkids and great grandkids are gonna see some bad times.

      • Yes Bill you’re right about that and think it is coming sooner then most expect, especially with all the over population we insist on taking in here.

  2. For near 100 years faux scientists have predicted the coming doom of Global Warming. That terrible Gas
    CO2 do us in. Perhaps explaining that the entire atmosphere is 4tenths of 1percent CO2 may encourage some to question the predictions. C02 in some state is required for life on earth. Without it human breathing would
    stop. Oxygen production generated by all living plant life would cease. In fact, if there were a higher
    percentage of CO2 in the Atmosphere, plants would thrive.
    We live on a planet that is 4 Billion years old. We have meteorological data for a little over 100 years.
    Most of it is subject to question since the location of these sites has been contaminated with urban growth and there is no sound base line. Just a few thoughts to ponder. Gerry

  3. We are being heated by a hot coal. Study a hot coal and you will see it is at it’s peak just before it starts a rapid cooling and dies out to nothing but ash.
    Our Sun has been good to us but in just a few generations our children’s children will not have that source of heat.
    Can they find a way to survive for very long without the Sun?

  4. Everybody needs to watch the movie Soylent Green (1973) and see what the Hollywood fear-mongers were promoting for the coming condition of the earth in the year 2022. After that, you need to watch the late George Carlin’s (unfortunately vulgar) mockery of the current “global warming” fear-mongers who think mankind is going to end the world with plastic bags, etc. Get a grip!!! This whole global warming (supposedly scientific) movement is false. Follow the money! Visit Al Gore at his oceanside mansion (as he laughs all the way to the bank). By the way, global warming, global cooling, global change is what we called “weather.”

    And before you think I don’t know reality from a movie plot or a comedian’s dialog, realize that this nonsense has been pushed on a “dumbed-down” population for at least 40+ years. Again, follow the money. Also, Soylent Green is a great, fun movie!

  5. At least they got one thing right. it would be totally ARROGANT of man to think he can change(or reverse) Mother Natures climate plan. Good thing we’ll all be dead in 10,000 years cause it’ll be freezing!